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If you’re over 14 years of age and reasonably fit (or looking to improve your fitness), why not give Morris a go? You’ll learn to be really proud that you dance with Hammersmith Morris Men – trust us.

New members are welcome anytime but it’s easiest to join during practice season between October and March. It’s often good to get in touch with us first or you can just come along to practice and make yourself known.

Practices are on Tuesday nights from 19:30 to 21:30 at St Peters C of E Primary School, 33 St Peter's Rd, Hammersmith, London W6 9BA.


We welcome new members at any time – we’ll be really pleased to see you and we’ll teach you everything you need to know.


You might think you know what Morris dancing is about – for better or worse. But the chances are you probably don’t!


Morris dancing with Hammersmith Morris Men is:

  • unlike anything else you’ll have tried.

  • for everyone – you’ll be very welcome, whatever your culture, race or religion.

  • entirely free when you’re learning to dance.

  • great fun – our focus is always on having fun, and putting on entertaining performances.

  • energetic and physically hard – you get a really good work out.

  • for interesting people – you’ll meet a varied bunch of people in our team from students to social care consultants, teachers to professional musicians, academics to accountants, public servants to hedge fund managers.

Morris dancing with Hammersmith Morris Men is not:

  • just for old people - we currently have 10 dancers under 30 years old, about half our team.

  • just for people who can already do it - many of our current members had never danced before joining us.

  • just for folkies - some of us love folk music, some don’t.

  • for ‘mildly eccentric’ people - we’re a pretty normal bunch of blokes.

  • all play and no work - we practice hard and strive to dance as well as we can and we make time to have lots of fun.

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